Barry "Bloody" Fuller's Bush Bulletin :

If you've been to The Pub With No Beer - then you know Barry... here's his latest words;


Good to have a yarn with you again from up here at the old "Pub with no Beer" at Taylors Arm.

You know it still knocks me for a loop when some uneducated bastard says "Where's Taylors Arm".  Every man and his dog knows Taylors Arm is 26 flamin k's inland from Macksville on the sunny north coast of NSW,  So if you're up or down this way look for the big signs both north and south of Macksville directing you to the legendary old pub where you can lap up the nostalgia of the cedar getting days, history of this ripper part of Australia, and the massive memorabilia display of Aussies best mate ‘Slim Dusty'.

While your up here I wont let you leave till I have taken you on an informal tour of our brewery.  Yes, Brewery, at the bloody ‘Pub with no beer' crazy isn't it.  Eighteen months ago we vowed we'd never run out of the bloody stuff again.

‘Murray's' Pale Ale, Sassy Blonde and Swinging Arm Dark Ale are just three of the range of beers you can sample.  But believe me, it's not just a sample - its an experience.

You know you can find pub managers of all descriptions and I've seen them all over Australia but somehow we dropped on a couple from down south by sheer luck, and I'm still trying to come to terms with them.  His name is Les or "Cobber" and the Lady Matre de is called ‘Harry', I told you we were crazy.  Never the less you will never feel more at home till you meet this laid back couple.

I've raved on now for too long but I couldn't leave without a plug for our award winning brewery, hope you like it, and look forward to meeting you on your next visit.


I met its Maker

He fronted up and ordered, a Murray's if you please
Took a stool and then a sip, then settled back with ease
He gazed into his beer glass and studied it at length
Then burped and licked his lips, seemed to calculate it strength.

"What's this Murray's that you've ordered?" I politely asked this bloke,
Tried to make a conversation, as I sipped my rum and coke.
"I'll tell you what a Murray's is" and eased up on his seat
"A bloody marvel's what it is, a master brewing feat."

It goes back to Mary Abacus, arrived here on this fleet
That hit upon a brainwave, of the settlers thirst to meet.
So she brewed her own concoction of potato peel and hops
And she sold it at a profit to convicts, settlers, even cops.

Down through the years Australians have brewed their brand of beer
Tooheys, Tooths and XXXX have been accepted with good cheer.
But this Murray's that you asked about, Aussie owned and still quite small
Will hold its own and then some, multi-nationals and all.

"Here mate" he said "I'll treat you to a jug of nectar pure"
"The proof is in the drinking and you'll agree I'm sure
That this here drop is special and I'm sure I'll hear you say
‘How long has this here drop been ‘round'" he grinned and walked away.

"He knows his beer" I offered to the drinkers in the bar
"He ought" grinned the barman "When you realise where you are -
Your at the ‘Pub that had no Beer', drink up and join the queue"
That bloke makes and guards the secret of ‘Murray's famous Brew'."


Barry Bloody Fuller